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The company always adhere to the "scientific design, Seiko secret agents, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the quality policy, is committed to creating a comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly bathroom products.


Henan Watson import and export trading company was founded in 2011, the registered capital of 1 million, is a focus on sanitary ceramics exports of foreign trade companies, the company is located in the beautiful hometown of Yu Gong --- Henan Jiyuan. Henan ceramics has a long history, ceramic culture bright, the development of the world ceramic culture has made long-term contribution, since the reform and opening up, Henan ceramics into a new period of development, with its superior conditions to become ceramic industry cluster, Henan Forest Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., as the successor of Henan ceramics to Zhongyuan ceramic base as the basis, uphold the quality of life, such as corporate philosophy, for the world friends, products se...